Thank you!

To everyone who joined us tonight in the chat. I had a great time and we will do it again in a few months. The chat is now closed. Goodnight! :D

That chat room is wonky, use this link! :]

I’m not sure if no one is in the chatroom, or my link isn’t working. Anyone in there?

The step mom has such a creepy look. Obviously she was ready for Jareth because she had to deal with that woman.

And my kingdom is as great!

it’s only forever

The music in the opening credits is my favorite. I always remember watching it on Disney and loving the start! :]

Once again here is the link for chat! :]

Start your movie!! :]


For the Labyrinth movie night thing, Thursday's good for me.

Hope to see you soon!

Tonight for the Labyrinth movie thing.

I don’t have a way to livestream, so this is primarily for people with the DVD or a stream (it is probably on netflix, I apologize to those who can’t join us)

Tonight I will be starting my movie at exactly 10:15 California time (PDT) so if you’d like to join me by starting your copy at the same time you are welcome to! I will be posting in the tag #labyrinthmovieparty and on here.

Hope to see you in a bit!

I will also be in this chatroom that I made for tonight! :]